KUKA KR-16 Robot Cell

The centre is equipped with standard training cell comprising of KUKA KR-16 Industrial Robot with required auxiliary equipment. This training cell is capable of performing multitude of operations used for welding, painting, gluing and other essential industrial operations used by the automobile, food & beverages, packaging and other manufacturing/Production industries.

Arc Welding Robot Cell with KUKA KR-5 Robot KR C4 Controller
Mobile AGILUS Robot with latest KR C4 compact controller
KUKA Youbot with FMS
Robot Simulation: SimLayout and SimPro
Robotic SPOT Welding Cell with KUKA KR-180
Robotic Time-Twin Welding Cell with KUKA KR-30
Robotic Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) Welding Cell with KUKA KR-16 HW
Robotic MIG Welding Cell with KUKA KR-5 Arc Robot
Robotic Milling Cell with KUKA KR-120 Robot
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