The AKGEC-KUKA aims to train engineering students of all disciplines up to the Industry expectations and foster research in the field of applied robotics. The centre conducts following training programs for industry professionals and engineering students of all disciplines:

  • The aim of this training is to acquaint the participants with basic concept of programming of the KUKA robot system. This includes safety instructions for KUKA robots, Knowledge and usage of the coordinate systems, Methods of tool calibration and tool payload, basic concepts of robot programming, operation of robot system and Robot Simulation on SimLayout software.

  • Building on the Basic level training, Robot Programming is extended and covered in great detail and depth. The main emphasis of this training module is on the high level programming language KRL and on the structuring and documentation of Robot Programs.

  • The Expert Robot Programming is aimed at the programming personnel for KUKA industrial robots. Building on the “Advanced Robot Programming” training, programming knowledge and skills are further extended and covered in depth. Robotic project execution and interrupt programming implementing complex tasks as structured robot programs is done using the high-level programming language KRL.

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