Academic: 80 Hrs (40 Hrs Theory + 40 Hrs Practical)
(Running Mode: Part Time /Weekend /Regular)

Corporate: 40 Hrs (20 Hrs Theory + 20 Hrs Practical)
(Running Mode: Regular)


Goal of this training is to get all basic acquirements for the programming of the KUKA robot system.

Course Content:

  • Safety instruction for KUKA robots
  • Operating of the robot system
  • Knowledge and usage of the coordinate systems
  • Methods of tool calibration and tool payload
  • To realize a mastering
  • To realize a calibrating of a work piece
  • Usage of the navigator, creating programs & archiving of programs
  • Usage of motion programming
  • Insert, delete and manipulate points
  • Usage of logic and gripper programming
  • Introduction to the expert level
  • Work with automatic mode
  • Robot Simulation on SIMLAYOUT software
Prerequisites- None

Trainee Eligibility

  • Student: B.Tech / Diploma
  • Working Professionals: Minimum 6 months of experience
Training Outcomes -
  • Covers the classifications, characteristics, and functions of industrial robots as well as basic safety precautions for working with robots.
  • Covers the fundamental concepts required for programming of industrial robots
  • Describes the various types of end effectors and their uses. It also explains the issue of compliance and describes how to maintain end effectors.
  • Covers the most common applications of industrial robots.
  • Describe the most common robot axes. It will explain how to understand these axes, and how they are used to control robot movement.
  • Introduced to the troubleshooting process and will learn how to identify problems and their causes. It will also go through some problems specific to robots and identify common causes and solutions.
  • Teach you about the importance of maintenance, as well as the various approaches and methods used by maintenance workers today to keep industrial robots performing optimally.
  • Describes the physical components of industrial robots. It also describes how these devices move and cause motion to perform work

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